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Milk + Honey Scrub

milk & honey body scrub is formulated with premium sugar crystals to exfoliate dead skin cells naturally. milk proteins and colorado honey seal in moisture, while a special blend of vitamins, beta glucan and shea butter provide the nourishment your skin needs to be at its healthy, beautiful best. finishing this luxurious treatment with milk & honey body butter will moisturizer and revitalize rough, dry skin. vitamins a, c, d and e replenish essential nutrients and help prevent the signs of aging. $55

Fantastic Feet

achieve fantastic feet in one treatment. it’s painless, tickle free, and can be added on to any service or booked on its own. the treatment will begin with a relaxing foot soak in warm sea salt.  after the skin is softened a jessner peel is applied in heavy layers. this will cause all the layers of dead skin to peel off resulting in fabulous, healthy, soft feet. the sloughing won’t begin for about a week and will last 7-9 days. at this time you will begin to apply a glycolic lotion to maintain the integrity of healthy skin.  this treatment is recommended once, maybe twice a year. please don’t apply any lotions or oils to the feet the day of the service. $60

fantastic feet

Green Tea Body Scrub

green teas antioxidants have been used for centuries to aide in fighting free radicals. here in this mind, body, spirit treatment you’ll feel the stress of the world escape you while organic green tea and sugar crystals are massaged into the skin. then the blood is stimulated by using a body brush this will carry the green tea antioxidants deep into the skin resulting in a stronger immunity for the skin. the treatment is finished with organic omega oil infused with essential oils which will hydrate the skin creating softness with lasting results. $55

Air Brush Spray Tan

our special tanning solution is made locally in loveland, colorado. the tanning solution is personally air brushed on to ensure an even natural glow.  get out of the sun and achieve the same beautiful color while protecting your skin from the sun’s harsh rays- a must in anti-aging!

do not apply lotion the day of the tan.  showering 24 hours after the spray tan will cause the tan to last longer.  an instant tan solution is combined with a long lasting solution.  the long lasting solution takes approximately 8 hours to darken to proper color, but if left on for a total of 24 hours the color will last longer.  after showering apply lots of lotion to maintain tan. most women wear either a strapless bra or go topless to avoid tan lines.  for bottoms a skimpy thong or smaller cut briefs are common to avoid tan lines.  feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in.  a one piece suit is great too. the day of the tan be sure to go home in dark loose clothing.  try to avoid anything with elastic bands such as socks or sweatpants. $35