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   saving the world, one pore at a time.

Our various treatments have two things in common: they bring much needed peace of mind, and they help create the path to achieving your skin goals.

Peace of mind is something we don’t always allow ourselves. At Happy Face we only believe in finding escape by using our senses. The feel of a healing touch, the scent of nature through oils and organic products, the sight of glowing candles, the sound of music, and the taste of purified water all allow the mind to find serenity.

Once your mind finds serenity your skin will achieve its desired goals through my clinical training. Achieving the goal of healthier skin needs to start with understanding the skin.

We specialize in healing from the inside out. What goes on internally usually surfaces externally. Skin conditions such as blackheads, acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema and many others all happen for a reason. Discovering why will help heal the condition rather then just treating the symptom. As your skin therapists we will create a path to help you discover your skin and body’s needs then provide you the tools or resources to help you achieve your goals.We can work together to achieve your skin goal one pore at time.

We look forward to meeting you!

Corey Burton
Corey Burton


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Leslie, with Herbel Healing, has not only been a blessing for me in my life, but for many of my clients as well.  I call her my health specialist because no matter what imbalance I’m experiencing she has an essential oil and treatment to heal/cure/reverse it.  She can cure colds, tense muscles, stressed minds, uncomfortable digestion, addictions both emotional and physical, cold sores, gout, emotional release and so much more.  My favorite part is how comfortable you are while she’s helping you.  You know me I am all about true comfortable, letting it go type of relaxation.

Leslie Herbel Healing
Leslie herbel

Her generous nature and caring soul makes you wish your treatment wasn’t ending but about to begin again, time goes to fast when it’s spent with Leslie Herbel.  I encourage you to experience her talent, you will not regret it.

Happy Face Happy Feet $119 This special includes a 75 minute Uniquely yours Facial (can be upgraded to a more aggressive facial, please inquire) and a 60 minute Reflexology with Herbel Healing. This may be booked back to back, or 2 separate visits….or bring a friend and share the deal.

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